marlow rodale

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception. 


Aldous Huxley

My paintings are an exploration of space and memory.  


Each new experience in life changes the way we view the world around us; our perception, and our sense of place within, are all a product of the moments that came before them, building one upon the other. In that same way, each new mark builds upon those that came before to create a rich world of form and color for the viewer to explore.


The process is a reactive one.  Starting with a color or a shape, and building upon it with compositional elements of contrast, balance, and movement; I use perspective to draw the viewer into and around the picture plane, and oil paints, with various mediums, for their rich color and malleability, to accentuate the various marks, lines, and texture​s.


In creating these visual spaces, I intend to give the viewer a place to think, free of the representational bias of person, place or thing, and an opportunity to look inward.  The process of painting each piece is an act of meditation, and I hope the viewer can experience their own moment of self-examination.

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